Cleaning vs Disinfection

Cleaning and Disinfecting Are Not The Same. Cleaning and disinfecting achieve two distinctly different objectives. Each plays an extremely important role in getting equipment ready to be used for food processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is important to understand the differences between the two, and how each contributes to the overall preparation of manufacturing equipment. […]


Green cleaning, the future!

For many years our company has worked with green cleaning products. We believe that we can help our home, the earth, just by changing a little bit the way of cleaning. Here are a few reasons why we use green cleaning products: Make Your Apartment Safer Warning! Flammable! Toxic! With labels like these on some […]


We all love cleaners

Have you ever asked yourself how important is a cleaner in our day to day life? Housekeeping is a part of the cloth of home life, and a part of the spine of many industries which include tour and hospitality. Hundreds of lots of Americans are hired in housekeeping, in our homes, schools, hotels, and […]