Our Environment​


Since we started over 10 years ago, eco-friendly cleaning has become the cornerstone of everything that we do.

Our team members consistently follow GS-42 commercial green cleaning standards, and all cleaning products used are GS-37 certified. Every day, we proudly provide our clients with healthier environments.

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

We strive to promote healthy spaces, reduce water and ambient air pollution, and boost indoor air quality while removing harmful substances and providing superior services. Green cleaning products help us to achieve this.

By using Green Seal certified products, we are able to offer our clients several environmental benefits including biodegradability, low toxicity, minimal VOC content, reduced packaging and low life-cycle energy use.

Powered Janitorial Equipment


In order to effectively and quickly achieve our leading janitorial solutions, we use state-of-the-art equipment. Our machines offer the best of both worlds: lower energy usage and eco-friendliness. Combined with ease of use and low maintenance, we provide superior cleaning tools for our team members to operate. We assign suitable cleaning equipment based on the requirements of each facility.