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Carpet cleaning

Carpet flooring can begin to lose its luster even short months after installation. And as you may also know, replacing it can be expensive and take time and effort.

Look into these cleaning services that can make your old carpet look new and extend its lifetime.

Hot Water Extraction 

High temperatures help extract stains, dirt, and grime. The water and the solution are vacuumed while cleaning so as not to leave excess moisture or residue. Good news: this method ensures quick drying, avoiding moisture trapping new dirt and debris.

Spot cleaning 

Spots and stains are something that even the best vacuum can’t handle. Whether from a coffee spill, footprints, or food stains, they are all hard to prevent, so your best bet is to know how to get rid of them after happening.

Bonnet Cleaning 

A cloth bonnet that goes onto a buffing machine, creating heat and friction and helping extract debris from carpet flooring. This method is popular in large extension and heavy traffic areas.


A low-moisture carpet cleaning method that dries quickly. While encapsulation does not eliminate deep cleaning methods like hot water extraction, it can prolong the cycle for which deep cleaning of carpet is required.

Would you add any other method or solution?

Our approach is to develop and follow a maintenance program that combines different methods depending on the carpets in place, the overall condition of surfaces, and the types of stains that carpets might have.


Let us know if we could add value to your program and protect your investment.

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